March 18, 2020

Hi everyone,

Sadly, I have to announce that I have closed my practice for the next 2 weeks. After that, I will re-assess the corona virus information and base my decision on re-opening on that information. All scheduled appointments will stay on the book. If things improve we can pick up where we left off.

I deeply care about each of my clients and want to do my part to keep you (and myself) healthy. Even after disinfecting every door handle, surface, myself (should I spray myself with Lysol?), washing hands, etc., etc., there is no way do apply social distancing while doing a massage, right? And I miss hugging you before you leave the office).

As the information about the virus is constantly changing I prefer to err on the side of caution.  So far, I have learned that:

1. The time between exposure and symptoms can be up to 14 days.

2. The virus is contagious for days before symptoms develop, so you or I think we are healthy but may not be. That information came out only a few days ago.

3. The virus stays intact on surfaces for several days; it stays intact in the air for 30 minutes (at least).

4. COVID-19 is extremely contagious, and it doesn’t take a lot of exposure to spread from one person to another.

5. The virus appears to be contagious after symptoms subside—but we don’t know how long.

6. Older people and those with impaired immune systems are not necessarily more likely than others to catch the virus, but they are more likely to need extensive medical interventions. (Although that may be changing. In some countries the number of people in hospital care are younger persons.)

7. We don’t have enough medical capacity to manage what’s coming—which makes it even more vital not to add to that load in any way.

There are many things about this situation that should/could  have been different. I could list a bunch, but it doesn’t make a difference now, and my blood pressure is high enough without recounting all the ways our systems have failed us. And that doesn’t even include some of the nutso crazypants stuff which has been disseminated on Facebook and in other outlets.

No, keeping your throat moist will not prevent you from getting sick with COVID-19. Neither will holding your breath for 10 seconds (maybe it would work if we hold our breaths for much, much, much longer? :-).

But if we all commit to social isolation (I know it really sucks), the impact of COVID-19 may be less extreme, at least in the short run. While roughly the same number of people will get sick, it will happen over a longer period of time. This “flattening of the curve” means our health-care facilities might be able to keep up with our needs, which means the mortality rate hopefully will fall. If the outcome of this whole mess will be better than expected some people will say, “Wow, that wasn’t so bad—weren’t we silly to over-react?”

I disagree with that sentiment already because an improved situation will just show that we did the right thing!

I am totally flummoxed that there are still naysayers and virus-skeptics and my-immune-system-is-strong-so-I can-do-what-I-want folks may point fingers and snicker and say we all fell for a huge hoax. Let them.  They are wrong.

This is an excerpt of an article I read in Massage & Bodywork. I was not living in the US at that time but it very well showcases what I was trying to convey before.

There’s a parallel in our recent history. In the 1970s, massive changes were put in place to limit the type of air pollution that caused acid rain. At that time, rain was literally melting our forests and corroding our buildings, not to mention what it was doing to groundwater. The changes, while expensive and inconvenient for many industries, worked. Acid rain is no longer considered a threat. And the result: some people (including some politicians who should *swearword* know better) suggest that the changes were unnecessary, because look: acid rain isn’t really a problem! Argle bargle. You can’t *swearword* win.

With all of that said I hope you will stay in touch. I will inform you of any changes asap. Do your meditations and your yoga, and whatever else helps you to stay sane. Oh, and request an absentee ballot for the upcoming elections. They will send you your ballot, so you don’t have to worry about it if they postpone election dates, etc. It’s easy by going to this link

Stay well until I will – hopefully soon – see you again.


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